Nautanky is a niche luxury brand with travel and holidays being the essence of the brand. It weaves a story about love of travel combined with fashion and design for women with a penchant for wanderlust and utter sophisticated luxury. Specialising in unconventional prints and textiles, Nilesh’s creations are fresh and contemporary yet pay homage to our cultural ethos through his bold usage of colour and undisputed eye for detailed craftsmanship.

With a keen focus on holiday lifestyles, the brand offers the modern wardrobe of holiday connoisseurs mood elevating collections that bring a sense of escapism with multi- tasking functionality as the garments are designed to flow easily from vacation to everyday.

When Nilesh Parashar moved back from Australia in 2009, little did he know that he was starting a success story that would take his resort wear from a studio in Ahmedabad to the closets of Genelia D’Souza, Miss World: Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu, Kriti Sanon, Soha Ali Khan and many more. 

Segued into the resort wear market from couture, each Nautanky piece is designed to be fallen in love with all over again with each wear. 

Nilesh Parashar

Inspired by his journeys, Nilesh lets his imagination guide him. His bold and exuberant prints often reflect his everlasting love affair with the beauty of nature and art that fascinates him from his travels. With every visit comes a discovery that Nilesh so beautifully and intriguingly converts into prints that makes Nautanky what it is.

Jagruti Bondre

For Jagruti the telltale sign of luxury lies in the detailed artistry of every garment, from the way the fabric feels against the skin to the timeless quality of its craftsmanship. For her, it’s the smaller details that define its grandiosity. Having met Nilesh during her youth, this power duo quickly became each other’s person only to mark the beginning of a beautiful story. 


Nautanky is more than just a business. We are a brand intent on creating one of a kind collections with everlasting designs that are manufactured with integrity – to be worn season after season. It’s never about following trends at Nautanky, what drives us is our passion to bring forward collections that encapsulates the unique & evolving ideology of women. We immerse ourselves in our creative mood-boards and try to infuse our designs with the feeling of the warm Italian sun on your skin or the romance of looking at the most beautiful piece of art, to give to you a sensory realisation of our inspirations and adventures. 


At Nautanky India, we view bold and eclectic prints and designs as a canvas for men and women to express their unique personalities and assert their identities. We strongly believe that each person has an important and distinctive story to tell, and we like to believe that our designs can serve as a medium for them to narrate their beautiful tales. In all honesty our mission goes beyond fashion and style. We aspire to inspire confidence and resilience in everybody who wears our creations. We aim to make a positive impact and like to make our designs as inclusive and suitable as they can be for all body types, skin tones and age groups. At Nautanky India we love to celebrate the beauty of differences and promote a sense of belonging for everyone who chooses to wear Nautanky. 


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